#WIAW- Kitchen Withdrawals

*Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting!*

I have been crippled with foodie’s block over the past few weeks, all due to other “more important” engagements such as work. (Reason 4329 why I would like to make my office the kitchen.)

I have had little to no access to the kitchen and am experiencing withdrawals in the form of bothering others to use theirs. BTW- NO luck with that.

So I’ve had to resort to…food on the go. (ughhhhhh) I used to look forward to restaurant eating, but lately I’m so spoiled with my own cooking, everything is beneath me. I turn up my nose at most chain restaurants like a girl who wears ONLY Uggs and no other knock-off. My kitchen has made a foodie Frankenstein monster out of me.

So here’s the dilly:

Last week, I had these fabulous tacos (loaded with veggies)…I did not eat the tortillas as they tasted like sandpaper. YUCKO! (Insert nose up in the air picture here)

I was running around in the city later on in the week and after 10+ hours of feet standing, I needed to sit both mentally and physically. Cue: Ruby Foo‘s in Times Square. This roll was eh…mediocre…I think I more enjoyed the prosecco (unpictured).

Here’s my before and after alcohol pic: You know you’re buzzed when…your vamp teeth are the main reasoning for taking the picture in the first place.

Fast forward to this past weekend and it was nom nom’s at the bf’s house. (or the diner down the street….) I had a grilled chicken salad with no actual lettuce- but plenty of veggies like corn, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and tomatoes…and the star of the spread…avocado…who is acting a little too R rated for this post.

Wouldn’t be a complete trip to the boyfriend’s house without a Whole Foods excursion. This bar is actually not half bad and the tagline is adorable.

And…I’ll leave you with a parting image of a mosaic of a veggie medley I created last night on yes…MY stovetop!

 Peace, love, and kitchens!


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