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Hey to all you fella weight-lifting gals! I used to lift naked…well…without gloves on my hands at least. It lead to callouses and if you were forced to guess my gender in glancing at my hands, you’d definitely go for the Y chromosome.

I began taking Kettlebell classes about 7 months ago and the condition was exacerbated times 1000. Things got so terrible, the second love of my life- baking, was pushed to the back burner!

Stubbornly, I refused to wear gloves also because I thought they evoked too much “T” and not enough “E”. I was browsing Women’s Health magazine one day and these little babies caught my eye!

Working out in style! I had to have them, especially due to the Swarovski crystal effect. Being that it was during Christmas wishlist time, I threw them on there.

Christmas morning- well these were such a treat to receive! I think a puppy may have even been triumphed. (Yes, I’m a real fitness nerd!)

The leopard print have done nothing but make my workouts fierce. The print is motivation itself. Wild thing, you make my hands happy!

The company, Femme Fitale fitness also has a line of golf gloves as well for all you pros out there! Also…coming soon…biking/cycling gloves! So you really have no excuse not to purchase!

Please do check them out– these are worth every penny! For all you tiny handed gals- their gloves are available in XS as of now! So get clicking and lifting!

Peace, love, and stylized workouts!


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