#HighFiveFridays- You Can Add Graphic Designer to my Resume…

Today is Friday, so get ready with all your TGIF’s, Rebecca Black parodies, happy hour specials, and 4 A.M. bedtimes! (Unless you’re like me, then that’s done almost on a daily basis…hello insomniacs!)

There is even more of a reason to start getting those butterflies in your stomachs on Fridays. The lovely Meg, who blogs at A Dash of Meg, has created #HighFiveFridays.

A high five is usually given for an exciting achievement, but unfortunately these days isn’t given out often enough.

High Five Fridays celebrates your achievements/accomplishments of the week. It’s a feel good, pat yourself on the back kind of day, and I’m so glad Meg decided to share this idea with everyone!

If you’re like me, most of the time the great things you’ve achieved are brief fleeting moments, and then it’s onto the next. In between those endorphin producing achievements, I get caught up on focusing more on the negative than the positive. I think we are all guilty of that at some point.

Recently, within the past month or so, I’ve discovered that a negative can easily be turned into a positive with some motivational thinking and the ability to learn.

This achievement involves computers and graphics. If you know me, you know that I am far from a whiz when it comes to either. The proof is in my college transcripts as I received a B- in my graphics design/computer classes. HTML what?

Thinking those 5 hour long homework’s were long over with, I placed these awful memories in my mind’s recycling bin. Little did I know, the move to inbox button was still active, and I was once again faced with my computer graphics nightmare.

I work for a small candle company trying to find a buoy to cling to in the ever so popular choppy candle industry. It seems everything has been done by the major leagues (a.k.a- Yankee Candle, Glade, Woodwick, etc.) Makes my job as a PR consultant that much harder.

All that aside, I was told I needed to create a small flyer/postcard for the candle company’s first trade show. Armed with only Microsoft Publisher and vague thoughts from my college graphics class, I set out to hopefully create something that screamed “professional” and not “made by a kindergartner”.

Well, here’s the outcome…and I can honestly say it’s better than I expected.

So graphics teacher, take that! A+ in my book! (Yes, I’m sticking my tongue out at you.)

Have you checked out Meg’s blog yet? Go and see for yourself what High Five Fridays is all about! You can link up your own High Five Fridays posts every week!

Peace, love, and proving yourself wrong (in a good way)!


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  1. Meg says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh babe 😀 you make me so so so so so so happy! HIGH FIVE on that flyer! You have SKILL girl 😀 I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a cool post too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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