#WIAW- When Life Hands You Take Out, Do You Take It?

So that little colony of bees is back at work concocting some more of that honey in my life again. (A.K.A.- I’m super busy and loving the results it’s yielding.)

Unfortunately, when most of us encounter the big bad “B” word, we flock to our work drawer chocolate stash, McDonald’s, or use trite excuses like “I’ll eat healthier tomorrow.”

Well sorry, but those days for me are long gone. You should choose to banish them too. I choose “me” instead of any other pronoun or proper noun out there. (Sorry Mr. President.)

It just so happens that my “me” this week in terms of eats consisted of mostly fast food. But wait, not so fast. Just because it’s labeled “fast food” doesn’t mean it has to necessarily be unhealthy and seething with trans fats.

In a world full of 10,000 tweets per second in regards to Madonna’s halftime performance, it’s easy to fall victim to unhealthy eats thus leading to placing your health second. It seems as though social acceptance and food choices coincide and that is why you should take the hackneyed phrase “you are what you eat” into consideration. Because really, is the fact that you didn’t like the M&M’s commercial going to earn you a raise at the end of the year? No. Your focus and integrity will, so obviously health and wellness are essential to garnering that extra bonus.

Enough babbling, on with the food!

Like I said, I was pressed for time so here enlies my food choices for the past few days:

1) Nothing beats a diner salad-seriously! I always ask for dressing on the side because soggy salads lead to unhappy palates.

2) Hummus Egg Wrap w/ Quinoa Side Salad & Tomato Basil Soup from @Nanoosh

The third picture you see in the trio is a SuperBowl platter I won from them! Check back tomorrow for my review on Nanoosh!

Side Note: If any of you reside in the NYC/NJ area and are into Mediterranean food, check them out please!

3) Qdoba- Two Soft Chicken Tacos. How is this healthy you ask? Lucky for me, I prefer naked tacos most of the time, so I avoided the excess carbohydrates. By omitting the taco tortillas, I was able to then indulge on my faves– guacamole and shredded cheese. I also chose to load up on grilled veggies and lettuce, making this meal equally beneficial to the tastebuds and the body! #touchdown

4) Whole Foods Breakfast. Okay, I have reiterated to my boyfriend several times how spoiled/lucky we are by having a super whole foods located so close to where he lives. On weekends when I stay near him, we sometimes frequent this place for their cold/hot food bar for every meal! Anyway- I’m sharing my “usual” with you guys. Eggs with peppers, onions, cheese, ripe strawberries, blueberries, and red grapes. Oh yeah, and a side of chicken breakfast sausage because I was feeling extra tyrannosaurus rex that day.

Drumroll please…since Jenn at Peas and Crayons is shining the #WIAW spotlight on veggies this month, here’s my only at home creation this past week featuring them: Spinach, Zucchini, & Yellow Squash Four Cheese Sauce Sauté!

What are your go to foods when on the run? Do you ever experience food guilt? If so, how do you cope with it?

Peace, love, and #WIAW!


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4 Responses to #WIAW- When Life Hands You Take Out, Do You Take It?

  1. zomg. nanoosh. I love them sooo hard.

  2. yes yes yes! I love posts about healthy fast/cheap eats =) One of the most common things I hear is that healthy food is too difficult and expensive and I understand where they are coming from — but its not true — there’s good stuff out there!!!! everywhere =)

    and if I hear one more tweet about commercials or madonna i’m going to lock myself in my car and scream for an hour. just sayin 😉

    • choc3178 says:

      haha! you and I both! I walked into my gym today and these little girls having a swim meet were decked out in madonna gear singing her new song! And sometimes I wonder why I get migraines…

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