-Things To Try Thursdays- Nanoosh (NYC Metro Area)

If you’re craving Mediterranean in your mouth and would still like to retain some cash in your hand, you’re in luck because a fabulous new chain of restaurants has recently opened called Nanoosh.

Now I know you may be thinking chain of restaurants = blasé food. I thought the same. But one fine day, strolling through Garden State Plaza, realizing my blood sugar was dangerously on the low side, I stumbled upon this little joint.

I’m glad it’s located far away from food court choices, as it would be overlooked by all the grease and grime residing over there. Nanoosh is in the niche it belongs, separate from all those F list places.

My first dining experience here I was beyond ravenous, but hesitating on how well the food would turn out. I was surprised in the best way possible. I had their original hummus and tuna salad with mint infusion tea. Oh me Oh my, this was the perfect combo to satisfy stomach growls!

I then of course stalked them on Facebook and twitter as soon as I got the chance. A few weeks ago Nanoosh tweeted their followers saying whoever had the best reasoning to eat healthy would be eligible to win a Super Bowl party platter!

Thinking why not, what the hell? I quickly tweeted this:

9 days later, I found out I had won a platter along with 20 other lucky loves:

This obviously called for the perfect opportunity to yet again eat at nanoosh and use my groupon that’s been pulling at my pants like a child begging to be coddled.

This time I opted for a hummus egg wrap, tomato soup, (you can view it in my #WIAW) and then picked off the boyfriend’s quinoa salad. (We totally role reversed for the day. Maybe I was trying to overcompensate for my lack of love towards football and linebackers?)

Here’s a picture of one of our half-eaten platters (We received two!):

Bottom line: Follow @eatatnanoosh and like them on Facebook! I checked out their twitter a little while ago and apparently they are very into giving as they are planning to throw a #hummusparty for their 500th follower! Could be you next!

I can’t speak for the NY locations, but the Jersey Nanoosh is top notch! Keep it up! And many thanks 🙂

Seriously- what’s a life like without hummus?

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