-Things To Try Thursdays- Maybelline’s “FALSIES” VS. Benefit’s “THEY’RE REAL!” Mascara

When it comes to beauty, I’m usually either 4 years behind or 4 years behind. (Yes, that was intentional.) Lately, having a lot of time on my hands and making “use of it” by watching several inspirational “beauty gurus” on YouTube– new products have kind of become a new check here hobby.

I’m not saying I sport a theater face full of make-up every day, because that is FAKE and just not someone I aspire to be. But recently, I was rummaging through my make-up case (circa Old Navy performance fleece days) and found two little gems I had never opened.

The first, Maybelline’s FALSIES mascara (feathered) and the second- Benefit’s “THEY’RE REAL“. (Just noticing my subconscious CAPS LOCK on the words false and real. Clearly, I have unresolved issues.)

Anyway- I tried out FALSIES twice and noticed a huge difference. (This was based on my 13 year old sister’s recommendation.) My lashes I believe are pretty average, but this mascara gave them such va-va-voom that batting my eyelashes to my dog even had her in a tizzy. A few family members took note as well asking if they were indeed false.

The Benefit “THEY’RE REAL” mascara went on a bit clumpy, but instantly lengthened and voluminized. When the product finally dried, the outcome was remarkable. With this mascara in particular, I noticed top lid liner isn’t necessary, as the lashes work it all for you.

I especially would recommend this for lighter

eye colors– blue, green, hazel, (and the lucky ones who have violet) as it will definitely put that 36-24-36 focus in your face, if you’re lacking it in body.

I’ve grown to love Nicole Guerriero’s make-up/beauty tutorials and highly recommend her advice of double/triple layering your mascaras if you don’t have time for false lashes or extra glam looks. (P.S.- I’ve never worn false lashes.)

Benefit & Falsies can be worn daily, just be sure to use one coat for a more natural look during the day/work hours. I would recommend using both (apply Benefit first, Falsies as a topcoat) for a night on the town. You could always turn to clear mascara as a base coat just as would use primer for your face to ensure no extra clumpage and longevity.

*Benefit I received as a gift from QVC and Falsies as I’m sure you know is available at all your local drug stores.*

*Apologies about the lack of results photos for this post. I have been running faster than a Kenyan at the Olympics these past few days.*

Have you ever worn false lashes? What’s the easiest way you apply them? Do you wear on the daily or only special occasions?

Peace, love, and supermodel lashes!


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