The Power of Positive Thinking & The Law of Attraction

My adaptation theme of this post today is derived from the ever biblical quote, “If you build it, they will come.”

“If you think it, it will happen.”

One of my daily pet peeves is when people complain about not having A or B in their life and then not submitting an effort forth in order to obtain those goals/objects/places, etc.

In my old school of thinking, this was a constant rigamarole. I would wake up and analyze every facet of my life cherry picking all of the bad and wondering why it was happening. I would fool myself into believing I was positively moving towards a change and then it would backfire.

The reason why a car backfires more than it should is due to the owner’s lax in taking care of the problem- which would be easily mended by taking a trip to a legitimate mechanic. Problem solved. Wash your hands and move on.

If we all just wasted a little less time procrastinating and scapegoating, life could very much be our own utopia. I fell victim to the classic “blame everyone else for your problems” approach, which only ends in you squandering about in a negative abyss of quicksand.

There are a few things you should change if you seek to the pursuit of happiness and balance in life: your underwear, your attitude, and your acceptance of others

All too often we try to initiate a change amongst friends, colleagues, family members, or spouses when we know in the end we’ll just wind up holding the lemons we tried to give them to make lemonade.

Change is indefinite, but the definite cannot be changed. Meaning…you should stop trying to get that friend to see things your way on that relentless argument that has aimed to create a wedge in between you for years. OR…let your significant other take that “guys trip” he’s been hankering for but won’t because of your solid reign and his realistic fear of capsizing in the ocean, which is you.

The profit margin in today’s post: You cannot change people. You can try and lead by example, but you’re not a robotic command center inside their heads. I have learned people will not change unless it’s felt inside of them and even then it may only exist temporarily if they agree to succumb to the change.

This aside leads me to my experience with “The Secret” as you will. You know- the book with all that superfluous mumbo jumbo regarding positive thinking? Well, I didn’t actually read it so you can keep your brows furrowed…but I have gained an incredible insight based on a few of its principles over the past couple of months from surroundings both animate and inanimate which I will share.

My biggest revelation has to do with the economy, the man, the iron fist, whatever you wish to call it. It took me nearly a year to gain employment after graduation. When someone finally offered me a job, it was for $10/hr., no benefits. I gleefully accepted because I was desperate and spending too much time with my negative thoughts instead of bringing about a positive change.

This in fact was a positive change for me at the time and then I became complacent after almost a year with no OT, no benefits, and barely enough to pay all my bills at the time. My mood was a drag to not only myself but everyone around me. I began displacing all my aggression onto co-workers and family. I was the Black Plague.

I can’t tell you why I stayed there another 6 months after this realization…oh wait, yes I can. I was blaming the economy for not having a horse-drawn carriage swoop me off my feet and deliver me to the job of all jobs, never having to worry about docking money from the piggy bank again to pay those debts off.

I would look feverishly and laboriously for hours on end for jobs and there were definitely a lot out there, but none were biting for me. I gave up and gave into that abyss of negativity and that’s where I stayed- wasting my talents on something that was an easy attitude adjustment and a simple utter of, “I’m giving you my two weeks“.

Finally leaving my job in September, I felt like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music on the top of the Alps. Suddenly, I could call out when I was on those mountains and hear an echo with the voice of direction back. It took me a while to fight off those negative thoughts, but for the most part at this point in 2012, I can say I have succeeded…and this is all due to my wonderful right hand man- “The Law of Attraction.

I simply began not only thinking, but believing in myself that I was capable of independence, autonomy, and goal acheiving without anyone else’s help but my own. I thought of all those homeless on the street, single mothers who I admire for doing 5 times more than any normal human can do, and our soliders in war. These have been my motivations lately in crossing the bridge to the life I wish to live.

Misery loves company and I’m not saying I’ll never speak a single phrase of negativity again, but why waste your time and words in focusing on stagnancy without any action behind it? At least if you fail, you can say you tried, not you were GOING to try. Nike was to the point when they created their tagline, so Just. Do. It.

If you stay in that abyss of negativity, trust me, no one is going to lend you a stick to help you out of it. They would rather not get sucked in too. If you find the land of the positive, you’ll thank yourself and others around you will be reveling in your successes as well. A helping hand won’t be hard to come by if you remain positive I have found.

So what’s the real world update? Still no sign of employment, but I’m not letting that hang my head. This blog is my version of a stress relief outlet in a positive way. I’ve also been meddling with the idea of creating a small local business related to my love of educating those who are on the wrong path when it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness. Babysteps for now, one day at a time.

Peace, love, and positive revelations!


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