*EAT LIKE ME*- January 19- Bunion Burger & Revised Chicken Noodle Soup

Trader Joe’s is an easy magnet for my money. It seems every time I stride in to make one purchase, I come out with 10 more than I need.

Today the Trader Joe’s magnet pulled my mother in as well. She could not resist the electro-magnetic field of Joe Joe’s, Frozen Chicken Fried Rice, and the unbeatably fresh produce.

The sweetheart in her even brought me home organic ground beef…which brings me to my intent of this post.

I made bunion burgers (quite simply a more sophisticated sounding version of the classic burger with onion) and also a chicken noodle soup with broccoli, mache, and spinach flavored noodles. (Topped with some fresh parmesan) (Artisan bun not pictured– sorry 2 hours of kettlebells and cardio really brings out the ravenous carnivore in me!)

Do you like your burgers grilled or pan-fried? What do you use to season?

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