-Things To Try Thursday- Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

It all started 3 years ago down an aisle in Home Goods. Browsing around for a new flavor of tea, I stumbled upon the unthinkable- an egg cooker in the shape of an actual hen.

Thinking it was just an overlooked design piece misplaced in this section after Halloween/Thanksgiving, I decided to chuckle and ignore it.

For shits and gigs, as soon as I got home (this was flip phone era for me), I googled this so called “Henrietta Hen“. To my surprise, it was right where it belonged in that Home Goods aisle. No April Fools or Goblin-y Ghouls had chosen to misguide the human consumer.

As a $6/hr. paid college student (if that was even legal), I noted that I would only be able to afford this after maybe a quarter century. (To think– they even deducted taxes from that BS!) Nonethless, I know what it feels like to be an immigrant in this country.

That year for Christmas, Henrietta Hen appeared on my Christmas list and also underneath my tree. Most girls are satisfied with a new pair of Loubs or tickets to a Lady Gaga concert. But I was over the moon with my just under $25 egg cooker.

I began consuming eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was quite the courting session. I even neglected my best friend chocolate during this time period due to my intense infatuation. The way it chirped when those eggs were done- it was like a mating call to me.

So now I sit here 3 years later, not nearly as infatuated. (Over the honeymoon phase- if you will) But still, it is an excellent piece of equipment. Mine holds 8 eggs and even comes equipped with an egg poker to ventilate. Every kitchen should have one!

It’s awesome for those times when you need to pre-plan work meals for the week and since eggs are so versatile you’ll have so many meals to choose from.

It takes about 15-20 minutes with some water in the base burner to heat up and finally be fully cooked. This would probably be most amusing to a small child (great learning tool) as you can literally sit and watch Henrietta Hen hatch her own eggs.

These are available everywhere for all you egg luvahs so get cookin’!

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