*EAT LIKE ME*- January 18- Fruit Loot Waffle & Greek Salad

Today involved lots of U-turning, stopping and going, and cul-de-sac-ing. On one of the most bitter days we’ve had all winter, I had to tote around town picking up, dropping off, and stopping in places in preparation for a small gathering at a local restaurant for my mother’s birthday.

My gift to her was a broadway show- (Anything Goes tickets) and latex balloons. I had a plain greek Chobani yogurt for breakfast with frozen blueberries, banana, flax seed, TJ’s dark chocolate powerberries, and peanut butter. (not photographed)

*Cue store runs around 12 PM*

Light lunch around 2 P.M.:
-1 hard boiled egg
-1/4 cup chickpeas
-1 Kashi multigrain waffle, espresso chip ice cream (my new unhealthy obsession), blueberries, banana, strawberries, and a drizzle of honey.

*Back to running around in obnoxious parkas*

Dinner is served– 5:30 P.M.- 1/2 cup Navy Bean soup (not pictured) and Greek salad (dressing on the side)- too much oil!

When you’re hustling and bustling, what’s your go to snack or meal? Are you a fan of the eat half now, save half for later rule?

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