Don’t Let The Media Squirt Oranges In Your Face

Some big time bullies have been picking on our dear friend, the orange lately. A news story broke a few weeks ago outlining the dangers imported orange juice from Brazil contains. Fungicide is apparently an ingredient. It’s a moment all of you OJ for life drinkers will have to overcome.

According to, the United States banned the fungicide, Carbendazim- in 2009, but Brazil never got the memo. (Yeah right…) Basically, the chemical provides a more affordable way to guarantee no tainted oranges and higher profit. Since when did cutting corners ever really win you the race or most importantly-the customer?

Shame on Brazil! Either way- fungicide should only exist in our Athlete’s foot creams. It’s quite disturbing (but not surprising) that something like this was “overlooked.” In the article, the man being interviewed states that the United States is 15% of their market and he intends to keep it that way by removing Carbendazim and replacing with another combative chemical.

Isn’t that basically like extinguishing the fire and then throwing more gasoline over top waiting for it to ignite again? I understand pesticides are used widely to control disease and ensure crop safety, but can you really trust these people after a story like this comes out?

My trust remains with my blender as well as my 100% US grown oranges. Making your own orange juice is 1,000 times tastier and healthier than purchasing the store processed kind.

Do you drink orange juice daily or make your own? Does this news disturb you? Squeeze off below.

Peace, love, and fresh squeezing!


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