*EAT LIKE ME*- January 12- Broccoli Carrot Kale Soup

Can I go back to kindergarten so I receive a gold star? Or maybe just a self-reassurance since kindergarten would require a baby voice and that would be contradicting one of my most critical pet peeves.

I bought kale yesterday as you know and popped my kale cherry today. I was apprehensive and worried about the taste being too bitter, but it actually all meshed well together.

I used a bouillon cube (chicken flavored) for the base. Carrots, broccoli, and (yes- chickpeas) were added, along with a dash of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. (Always makes me feel like I’m eating/cooking gourmet when I say the entire name. Branding- ya got me there!)

I let the kale cook for a good 10 minutes and then also added some fresh basil leaves. (The basil sits right next to my stove and is slowly beginning to vine around the sink. It was practically begging for attention.)

The end result was a complete success! No mess involved, no tears shed, and tastebuds craving more! Good thing I made this a 2-serving special. (More for tomorrow’s lunch!) 🙂

What are your favorite ways to cook kale?

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