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Created by a school teacher, who came up with the simple yet effective idea of zapping colds with a combo. of zinc, Vitamin C, and other herbs, Airborne is a real immunity shield. (Here again I ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”)

I’m not one for gimmicky products or “As Seen on TV” type advertisements, but Airborne and its effervescence is a true winner. Over the past few years and the past few times I have been sick, it seemed Airborne was valiantly sitting on the shelf mocking me. Placed right in between the effective and non-effective OTC medications, I always walked away with a decongestant or worse- a ineffective painkiller.

Last year, I decided to walk up to Airborne, look it right in the face, and give in. Ridding yourself of stubborn routine is never an easy thing to do. When I purchased, I remember thinking great, there goes eight bucks. (as opposed to my OTC meds- which were about half that)

A week later my entire family came down with the flu and I was trapped between my construction mask wearing and green tea gulping. (These are all well & good, but only ward off so much for so long.) Okay, so you guessed it…I began dissolving Airborne into my water in hopes of an extra means of defense.

I took 2 dis solvable tablets per day for 3 days and was pleasantly surprised. First, I had more energy than I get from my daily vitamins. Second, I WAS NOT SICK. Third, my 8 bucks turned out to be well spent. Fourth- did I mention I WAS NOT SICK?!?! Win- win -win!

I strongly support this product- the taste is really not half bad- they come in about 4-5 different flavors at this point in time. They recently also came out with a chewable form, which is a little pungent in the citrus flavor, but it’s better than being knocked out of commission for 10 days.

Another testament to the power of Airborne: Recently, everyone in my house came down with Bronchitis and I was so busy with Christmas and activities, I had forgotten to take it. What do ya know? About 5 days later, the coughs started followed by days of chicken broth in bed. Took me over a week to recover and I blame myself…for not taking Airborne.

In addition to vitamin and mineral supplementing on a daily basis, I encourage anyone who is reading this to invest in a bottle or two of this stuff. It really works. I am NOT paid by the company to review…and I most certainly would NOT fake a like if it was a gimmick. It’s cold/flu season, so get a chuggin’!

*SIDENOTE*- Airborne does contain Aspartame, which is a synthentic form of sugar that can prove to be addictive over time. I am not partial to this ingredient, but since I use this once in a blue moon, my risk is low. I do not advise substituting this for a daily multi.

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