How Do You W.U.W.A.?

W.U.W.A.– it stands for Wake Up With Al. I’m sure you have heard of it, just not sure if you’re a fan of it. I’m a self-proclaimed weather junkie. Ever since I can remember I would choose classifying clouds instead of joining a sports team when I was little.

I didn’t take it to the level of frying ants with a magnifying glass or creating my own thermometer (although props for someone who did). I kept it under wraps for years until I met a few friends who also shared the interest.

My coming out of the closet when it comes to being a fanatical weather freak is always the most difficult part when initiating friendship. It’s usually harmless laughter once I reveal “the precipitation”, but the nerves might as well have me on the set of Twister.

Now that I’ve told all of cyberworld my obsession, I want to know how do you wake up in the morning? I wake up with Al, a cup of coffee, google reader, and singing in the shower. (if there’s no audience)

Al Roker is truly an inspiring man. He has been through a lot…here’s a video to prove it:

Risk the first requirement when seeking out a job in meteorology. I think the other requires a lot of chemistry and physics (reasons why I never pursued full-time).

Okay, okay, in all seriousness though, he’s someone to look up to. He is the Ronald McDonald of weather and always has a sunny outlook on life. He also eases the blow after my alarm clock blares. Let’s raise the barometer for Al!

So let’s hear it. Morning person or not- we all have to wake up. What are your first thoughts? What is your motivation?

Peace, love, and W.U.W.A.!


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